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We believe every company should be a developer experience company. That’s why we’re working on a suite of tools, infrastructure, and services that empower developers to craft delightful experiences for their end users.

We love CLI tools. Providing user-friendly, robust, and reliable CLIs are central to offering a good developer experience, but often they are an afterthought that never gets prioritized.

Designing, building, releasing, and maintaining CLI tools should be as structured and hassle-free as pushing a web application to Heroku or Vercel, and we’ve raised money to build that future.

If you love developer tools and are eager to improve everyone’s developer experience, we hope you consider applying!

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> How we hire

  • Application

    In addition to the classic “resume” asks, the application requests some links to samples as well as a few long form questions. We expect this to take you about 1-2 hours depending on how fast of a writer you are (the founder is a slow writer!). We do this at the application phase instead of the interview stage so that the interview chats don’t have to start from scratch and can be more collaborative and less like an interrogation. We were heavily inspired by the Oxide Computer team.

  • Initial screening

    This is an initial 30 minute casual conversation with the founder about what Axo’s short and long-term goals are and how those may be related to your personal career goals. This is a good time to discuss deal breakers or concerns you may have upfront.

  • The product chat

    This is a 1-hour deep-dive with an investor, advisor, and/or team member to explore your attitudes and ideas about building products. This is the time to share opinions about technical debt, project management, user impact, and process. It’s also an opportunity to learn more about why other folks are excited about Axo and ask the hard questions.

  • The experience chat

    This is a 1-hour deep-dive with the founder into your previous experience. You can think of it like a story telling hour- come prepared to share shining successes, embarrassing failures, and all the permutations in between, with a bias towards the bizarre and exceptional. The goal is to get to know how what you’ve done before has shaped your perspective about the who/what/why/where/when of what you want to do next.

  • Final round

    This is a flexible meeting with the founder, and/or an investor/advisor, at your option. This meeting is about you and ensuring you have everything you need to make a decision. Choose your own adventure – bring a gnarly scenario and do a collaborative problem solving exercise, or a list of questions, or whatever you’d like!