Team Members

How we work

  • Remote-first team

    Talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity often isnโ€™t. Axo is remote and distributed from day one. We will hire team members from anywhere, as either full-time employees or contractors, at their choice (within the constraint of US law).

  • Equal and transparent pay

    All members of the early team, regardless of location (including the CEO) are paid the same wage: $125,000 USD. Additionally, we commit to a year-over-year 3% cost-of-living raise.

  • Everyone has a stake

    A sense of ownership is important. That is why all members of the starting team will receive 1% equity option, with an industry-standard 1-year cliff and a 4-year vesting period.

  • 4-day work week

    In knowledge-based work, itโ€™s both a blessing and a curse that it is hard to turn your brain off. We work 4 days a week because we recognize the importance of rest to sustainable high-performance creative work.

  • Interdisciplinary and curious

    Weโ€™re looking for folks who see connections across individual tasks, thrive when collaborating across a variety of domains, and are excited to explore areas outside their previous experience.

  • Autonomous, together

    We are a small, ambitious team that moves with urgency and deliberateness. Every team member is granted the privilege and responsibility of owning several critical tasks from beginning to end. Despite working with great independence, we eagerly solicit feedback early and often from each other. We may need to move fast, but never at the expense of going far.